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HHMI Summer Research Fellowship Awardees

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Brewer, Paul - Derivation and Implementation of a Firging Rate Model of Feedback Inhibition in the Visual Thalamus (Smith - Applied Science)

Brown, Andrew - Smoke Suppression and Fire Retardance of Vinyl Plastics (Starnes - Chemistry)

Christy, Peter - Time of Flight Measurements of Hydrogen Bond Proton Exchange Mobility and Macroscopic Conduction (David Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Cunningham, Lauren - Comparative Binding Patterns of Lectins for the Identification of Strains and Species of Pfiesteria, a Harmful Alga. (Shields - Virginia Institute of Marine Biology)

DeGeorge Jr., Brent - A Comparative Genomics Study of Virulent and Avirulent Helicobacter pylori (Mark Forsythe - Biology)

Detar, Matthew - Determination of Ultra Trace Levels of Mercury in Fish and Soil Samples with Atomic Fluoresence (Rice - Chemistry)

Doerries, Mark - Community Structure in Mussel Beds at Logatchev, a Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vent on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Cindy Van Dover - Biology)

Fink, Erin - Nucleocytoplasmic Localization of a Chimeric Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mutant (Lizabeth Allison - Biology)

Goodwin, Andrew - Analysis of Genetic REgulation by tenA in Helicobacter pylori (Mark Forsyth - Biology)

Hessler, Krista - Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Amino Acids and Amino Acid Models (Poutsma - Chemistry)

Henry, Christopher - Investigations of Titanium Aryloxy Complexes as Carbocyclization Pre-Catalysts (Hinkle - Chemistry)

Hsia, Hung-Lun John - Analysis of the Regulation of the Glutamate Transporter Gene In Vivo (Margaret Saha - Biology)

Jones, Christopher - The Intrinsic Properties of Non-protein Amino Acids in the Gas Phase Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Poutsma - Chemistry)

Jones, Mary - Co-transfection by electroporation of B-cell Lines to Examine the Effects of Pax-5e on Pax-5a Activity (Patty Zwollo - Biology)

Lyle, Scott - Characterizing the Degradation of Polyamide-11 in Acidic Environments (Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Papp, Lindsay - Investigation of the Proton Affinity of Amino Acids, Dipeptides and Dipeptide Models (Poutsma - Chemistry) 

Pawlow, Lara - Molecularly Imprinted Polymers as Synthetic Enzymes (Orwoll - Chemistry)

Raulfs, Estella - Symbiont Populations in Hydrothermal Vent Mussels Under High-stress Conditions (Cindy Van Dover - Biology)

Skreslet, Tabor - Examination of the Interaction of ONOO- Damaged MAP2 with Calmodulin (Landino - Chemistry)

Smith, Kevin - In Vivo Imaging of Small Animals (Welsh - Physics)

Stamps, Sarah - 199Hg NMR Studies of Metalloprotein Models (Bebout - Chemistry)

Tatum, Abigail - The Effects of NMDA on Photoperiodic Control of Reproduction (Paul Heideman - Biology)

Terry, Laura - Regulation of Gene Expression in Helicobacter pylori by a Soluble Quorum-sensing Molecule, Autoinducer-2 (Mark Forsyth - Biology)

Trump, Allison - C122A Mutant of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor (Lizabeth Allison - Biology)

Ugrinich, Marija - PCR Approach to Cloning Portions of the Permomyscus maniculatus Leptin Receptor (Eric Bradley - Biology)

Wallis, Elizabeth - Characterization of an Inhibitory Neuronal Pathway that is Involved in the Generation of a Fever (John Griffon - BIology)

Wilson, Meredith - Effectrs of Spaceflight on Weightbearing and Non-weightberaing Neuromuscular Systems (Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Wright, Jennifer - Leptin's Effects on Glucose Sensitive / Temperature Sensitive Neurons in the Preoptic Area of the Hypothalamus (John Griffon - Biology)

Wright, Mellisa - Anterior-Posterior Differentiation and Plasticity in the Central Nervous System (Margaret Saha - Biology)

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Richard Anderson -  Genetic Algorithms for Simulating the Evolutionary Dynamics of Enzymatic Catalysis (Bagdassarian - Chemistry)

Kimberely Briggs - Regulation of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Early Embryonic Xenopus laevis (Saha - Biology)

Michael Brochu - (Hinkle - Chemistry)

Laurie Bronson - Effects of Aging and Unloading on Contractile and Metabolic Characteristics of Skeletal Muscle (Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Alexander Chen - Investigation of the Association of TR and TR Variant v-ErbA with Subcellular Compartments (Allison - Biology)

Jenine Cole - Aqueous Chemistry of Copper(I) with Biologically Relevant Ligands (Pike - Chemistry)

Kathryn Colyer - Gas Phase Properties of Canavanine (Poutsma - Chemistry)

Elizabeth Ewart - Study of Glutaminergic Neurons in Xenopus laevis (Saha - Biology)

Laura Gallo - A C. elegans Mutant with Chromosome Separation Defects During Cell Division (Shakes - Biology)

Christopher Henry - Investigations of Titanium Aryloxy Complexes as Carbocyclization Pre-Catalysts (Hinkle - Chemistry)

Sonya Islam - Effects of Neonatal Ethanol Exposure on Acquisition of Fear to an Olfactory Stimulus (Hunt - Psychology)

Jeffrey Iwig - The Role of Phosphorylation in Regulating Nuceloplasmic Shuttling of Thyroid Hormone Receptor (Allison - Biology)

Ruth Kanthula - A Possible Role for Glucocorticoid in Reproductive Inhibition (Bradley - Biology)

Robert Knowles - (Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

James LaRue - (Shakes - Biology)

Nichole Litvinas - The Effects of a Cationic Substituent on the Rate of a Cope Rearrangement (Morgan - Chemistry)

Bethany Lobo - A Determination of the Geometry of the Intramolecular Charge Transfer State of PRODAN (Abelt - Chemistry)

Scott Lyle - Characterizing the Degradation of Polyamide-11 in Acidic Environments (Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Katharine Madigan - The Use of Subtractive Hybridization and DNA Microarray to Identify Unique DNA Sequences in Type I Strains of Helicobacter pylori (Forsyth - Biology)

Sohini Majumdar - Characterization of Cyclic Dipeptide Dynamics (Bebout - Chemistry)

Laura Markey - Studies on the Reproductive Biology of Xenopus tropicalis (Bradley - Biology)

Kara Paulus - Determination of Polybrominated Diphenylethers in the Presence of Polychorinated Biphenyls Using GB with Atomic Emission Detection (Rice - Chemistry)

Kristin Plichta - The Techniques of Molecular Imprinting (Orwoll - Chemistry)

Estella Raulfs - Trophic Relationships in Hydrothermal Vent Systems (Van Dover - Biology)

Anne Schmitt - The roles of Pax-5e in Apoptosis of Plasma Cells (Zwollo - Biology)

Olivia Schroeder - Gas Phase Studies of Lysine Homologs (Poutsma - Chemistry)

Adam Spiller - A Population Study of the Diamond back Terrapin (Malaclemys terripan) Along the York River (Chambers - Biology)

Julie Viehwig - Larval Feeding Behavior of oreochromis esculentis (Sanderson - Biology)

Meredith Wilson - Adaptations of the Neuromuscular Junction to Disuse in Young Adult and Aged Rats (Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Joshua Wind - Gas Phase Properties of Non-protein Amino Acids (Poutsma - Chemistry)

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Adams, Beth - Synthesis and Calorimetry Study of a Highly Twisted Amide (Kathleen Morgan - Chemistry)

Bowers, Edith - Effects of Ligand Symmetry on Hg(II) Coordination (Deborah Bebout - Chemistry)

Brenzovich, William - pH Switchable Binding of Dye-Capped Beta-Cyclodextrins (Chrisopher Abelt - Chemistry)   

Brochu, Michael - Effects of Confinement on the dielectric Properties of Macromolecules (David Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Colyer, Kathryn - Gas phase studies of the proton affinity of arginine and proline analogs (John Poutsma - Chemistry)

Galvez, Mark - Role of Melotonin in the Variability Between Photoresponsive and Non-photoresponsive White-Footed Mice (Paul Heideman - Biology)

Giles, Jennifer - Neuromuscular Effects of Unloading in Humans (Michael Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Hessler, Krista - Cationic Substituent Effects on the rate of a Cope Rearrangement (Kathleen Morgan - Chemistry)

Hollingshead, Nicholas - The Role of Nuclear Matrix Association in Nuclear Retention of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor and Variants (Lizabeth A. Allison - Biology)

Hopkinson, Brian - Relationships between Quantum and Classical Structures (Stephen Knudson - Chemistry)

Kelly, Meghan - Imaging Diabetes (Eric Bradley - Biology)

Khoshbin, Meisa - Modeling the Effect of Spacial Confinement on Mobility of the Macromolecule (David Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Knowles, Robert - Modeling the Effect of Spacial Confinement on Mobility of the Macromolecule (David Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Koebel, Catherine - Structure of Pax-5 genes and proteins in C. elegans (Patty Zwollo - Biology)

Kohutek, Zachary - The Effects of Geldanamycin on the Subcellular Distribution of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mutant v-ErbA (Lizabeth A. Allison - Biology)

Kuntz, Andrew - Proton affinites of proline analogs (John Poutsma - Chemistry)

Ladislaw, Janine - Development and evaluation of a low cost array detector for an element selective GC system; direct determination of organohalogens in water (Gary Rice - Chemistry)

Laursen, Kristen - Ultrastructural examination of sporogenesis and conceptacle morphology in genus Metagoniolithon (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) (Sharon Broadwater - Biology)

Marts, Bradley - Uniform Approximation for One Electron Diatom Molecules (Stephen Knudson - Chemistry)

O'Donnell, Matthew - Do Isolated Eastern Shore Chickadees Have Distinct Vocalizations? (Daniel Cristol - Biology)

Osterberg, Joshua - Fate of Deep-Sea Sewage Sludge: Analysis Based on Growth Rings in the Urchin Echinus affinus (Cindy VanDover - Biology)

Papavassiliou, Pauline - Investigating a Possible Role for Weak Androgens in Puberty (Eric Bradley - Biology)

Pasek, Matthew - Investigation of Solvent, Concentration and Structural Effects on Reactions to Organozinc Halides and Vinylic Iodoniu Salts (Robert Hinkle - Chemistry)

VandenBussche, Christopher - Cd(II) vs Hg(II) as an Metallobioprobe in Small Protein Models (Deborah Bebout - Chemistry)

Will, Kristin - Adaptations of the Neuromuscular Junction to Muscle Unloading (Michael Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Wright, Melissa - Anterior-Posterior Patterning of the Central Nervous System (Margaret Saha - Biology)


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Bacon, Susan Nicole - Determining the Rate of Gametogenesis in the Vent Polychaete Paralvinella palmiformis (Cindy Van Dover - Biology)

Britt, Amanda - Morphological Markers of Neuromuscular Recovery from Spaceflight (Michael Deschenes - Kinesiology)

Chen, Eric Hong-Wen - Studies on Protein Stability of the B-Cell Specific Transcription Factor Pax-5 (Patty Zwollo - Biology)

Cornell, Elizabeth M. - Anti-infective Biomaterials: Formation of Metallic Silver Nanometer-Sized Particles in Polymeric Matrices for Control of Catheter-Induced Infections and Sterile Packaging (David Thompson - Chemistry)

Donner, Austin - Why Juncos Wander: The Effects of Evolutionary Selective Pressures on Avian Neuroanatomy (Daniel Cristol - Biology)

Gilchriest, Amy Marie - Computer Simulation of the Effects of Confinement on the Properties of Long-Chain Molecules (David Kranbuehl - Chemistry)

Grattan, Laura - Analysis and Characterization of a New a-Chemokine-G Protein-Coupled Receptor Subfamily: Its Role in Development, the Immune Response, and Angiogenesis (Margaret Saha - Biology)

Holt, Gayle - Genetic Analysis of a Novel Metaphase to Anaphase Transition Defective (MAT) Mutant in C. elegans (Diane Shakes  - Biology)

Koebel, Catherine - The Quest for Pax-5 Transgenic Mice (Patty Zwollo - Biology)

Neidig, Jessica - Analysis of Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Using Transient Interspecies Heterokaryons (Lizabeth Allison - Biology)

Rajan, Pradeep - Effect of Dissolved Humic Materials on Toxicity of Pesticides Available to Blue Crab Embryos (Robert Hale - Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Science)

Rice, Justin - 199Hg NMR Methods for Protein Characterization (Deborah Bebout - Chemistry)

Shoemaker, Moore Benjamin - Reproductive Photoresponsiveness in F344/BNF1 Hybrid Rats (Paul Heideman - Biology)

Snell-Rood, Emilie - Effectiveness of Restored Wetlands as Breeding Habitat for Birds in Southeastern Virginia (Daniel Cristol - Biology)

Stetka, Breton Scot - Gamma Ray Imaging: Tracing the Migration of  RTI-55 in Mice (Eric Bradley - Biology)

Suhr, Benjamin - Fluorescent Cyclodextrin Chemosensors for Molecular Recognition (Chris Abelt - Chemistry)

Vanderspurt, Cecily - Dorsal-Ventral Neural Patterning During Early Embryogenesis (Margaret Saha - Biology)

Weaver, Brian - The Alteration of DNA and Hormone Binding Characteristics by GFP-Tagged Thyroid Hormone Receptor (Lizabeth Allison - Biology)

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