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Congratulations to
HHMI Summer Research Fellowship Awardees
2003 - 2006

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Altemose, Kathleen  Effects of Loss of Cortical Acetylcholine on Divided Attention in Rats  (Josh Burk, Psychology/Neuroscience)

Ambrecht, Lindsay  Connexin Expression during Angiogenesis  (Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology)

Atchison, Andrew  Nuclear Export of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha (TR-a)  (Liz Allison, Biology)

Byers, Stephanie Neuronal Phenotypic Plasticity in Xenopus laevis as modulated by calcium  (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Crowder, Erin  Metabotropic glutatmate receptors amplify synaptic excitation, giving rise to rhythmic respiratory-related bursts within a neural network  (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

DeFontes III, Kenneth  Freeze-Frame Mutants of the Histidine Kinase HP0165/jhp0151 in Helicobacter pylori (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Fogley, Rebecca  Alcohol State-Dependent Retention in Adolescent Rats  (Pam Hunt, Psychology)

Golub, Natalia  Specification of Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Neurotransmitter Phenotypes During Early Developmental Stages of Xenopus laevis  (Margaret Saha,  Biology)

Gustafson, Christine  Pattern of fungal infection in Bathymodiolus brevior  (Cindy VanDover, Biology)

Hadley, Deana  nvestigation of the Preferential Solvation in an Azobenzene-Functionalized PPV   (Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Hall, Emily  Alzheimer's Disease: A Simulation Study of Metabolic Sensitivities (Chris Abelt, Chemistry)

Jones, Matthew  Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions in Thiobenzoates: Unlocking the Mechanism  (Chris Abelt, Chemistry)

Kardine, Megan  Toxic Timing: Models of adventitious toxic metal ion uptake by proteins  (Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

King, Jamie The effects of temperature, carbon dioxide pressure and resulting pH on the rate of recombination and degradation of glycine peptide and amide bonds  (David Kranbuehl, Chemistry)

Mantell, Matthew  Emergent Properties in Alzheimers Metabolic Pathways (Randy Coleman, Chemistry)

Seeley, John  Cloning of tyrosine hydroxylase gene and upstream region in Xenopus laevis to visualize expression patterns in transgenic frogs during development  (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Slack, Kristen  Effect of resistance training on eNOS, SIRT1, and cGMP levels in rats  (Brennan Harris, Kinesiology

Sledd, Alexandra  Genetic Variation within the ArsRS Two-Component Signal Transduction System of Helicobacter pylori Relative to Disease Outcome and Geographic Origin of Patient  (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Torok, Elena  The Effects of Varied Amounts of Ethanol on Trace Fear Conditioning in Neonatal Rats  (Pam Hunt, Psychology)

Tronic, Tristan  Development of Cu(I) Organic Polymers for Small Molecule Transfer  (Robert Pike, Chemistry)

Webb, Ian  The Alkali Metal Ion Affinity of Amino Acids (J.C. Poutsma, Chemistry)

Wegbreit, Cyrus  Characterization of Biologically Relevant Complexes of Mixed Sulfur, Nitrogen Ligands by NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography , (Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Wolfert, Madeline  Shear Stress Levels Affect Endothelial Cell Communication: Measurement of Conducted Vasomotor Responses (Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology)

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Adkison, Christina - Reasons for Variation in the Number of GnRH Neurons in Development (Mentor: Paul Heideman, Biology)

Ashely, Blair - The Effects of Hyperhomocysteinemia in Endothelial Cells and Its Implications in Vascular Health (Mentor: Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology)

Astoria, Mark - Mutant 1115 in C. elegans (Mentor: Diane Shakes, Biology)

Aument, Daniel - Defective sperm centrioles and their effects on polarization in C. elegans (Mentor: Diane Shakes, Biology)

Billig, Janelle - The Effect of Flow on Gene Expression in Cultured Arteries (Mentor: Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology)

Brown, Christopher - Genetic-algorithm driven evolution of ecological food webs (Mentor: Carey Bagdassarian, Chemistry)

Carra, Bradley - Metal-Ligand Coordination as a Model for Protein Misfolding (Mentor: Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

DeCuir, Jennifer - Quorum-sensing through Autoinducer-2 in Helicobacter pylori (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Eason, Margaret - Effects of Chronic Overload on Neuromuscular Junctions in Aged and Young Soleus Muscles (Mentor: Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology)

Fields, Nathan - Unconditioned Stimulus Preexposure and Timing Specificity: Does Temporal Learning Take Place? (Mentor: Robert Barnet, Psychology)

Hadley, Deana - Investigation of the Energy Transfer Mechanism in an Azobenzene-Functionalized PPV (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Happel, Maria - Investigations of Collision Energy Effects on the Extended Kinetic Method (Mentor: John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Keeler, Austin - Effects of Pax-5e on Cell Growth (Mentor: Patty Zwollo, Biology)

Lemon, Christopher - The Significance of Gill Rakers for Crossflow Filtration in Tilapia: Additional Effects of Mucosal Hydrosol Filtration on Particle Retention (Mentor: S. Laurie Sanderson, Biology)

Lewis, Steven - Single Molecule Fluoresence Studies of poly(2-methoxy-5-(4-(phenylazo)phenyl-4_-(1,10-dioxydecyl))-1,4-phenylenevinylene) (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Li, Dandan - Correlation between Neuropeptide Y Neurons and the Regulation of Body Mass in Peromyscus leucopus (Mentor: Paul Heideman, Biology)

Logan, Carol - Further characterization of strange bacterial-like inclusions in digestive epithelial tissue of mussels in the genus Bathymodiolus from chemosynthetic environments (Mentor: Cindy Van Dover, Biology)

Malkus, Kristen - Analysis of Tlx as a Potential Regulator of Glutamatergic Cell Fate (Mentor: Margaret Saha, Biology)

Pecora, Beth - Thermoregulatory Projections for the Anterior Hypothalamus to the Dorsalmedial Hypothalamus (Mentor: John Griffon, Biology)

Schaffer, Bethany - Characterization of Thermoregulatory Inhibitory Neurons in the Preoptic Area (Mentor: John Griffon, Biology)

Seibert, Christopher - RNAi based screening of importin alpha mediated nuclear import pathway: application to the study of thyroid hormone receptor alpha nuclear import (Mentor: Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Smigel, Ezekiel - Temporal Conditioning in Rats Measured by USV (Mentor: Robert Barnet, Psychology)

Spector, Bethany - Ethanol Exposure in Adolescent Rats: Impairments in Memory Consolidation? (Mentor: Pamela Hunt, Psychology)

Wester, Matthew - The role of the cell cycle in GABAergic and glutamatergic neural fate determination of developing Xenopus laevis embryos (Mentor: Margaret Saha, Biology)

Wiles, Austin - Pedantic X-Ray Diffraction Protocols and Transition Metal Network Catalysis (Mentor: Robert Pike, Chemistry)

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Alford, Wendy - Functional Behavior System Analysis of Neural Plasticity: What Time Can Tell Us, (Mentor: Robert Barnet, Psychology)

Atkins, Benjamin - Is There A Link Between Defective Sperm Centrosomes and Polarity Defects in C. Elegans Embryos?, (Mentor: Diane Shakes, Biology)

Broughton, Robert - Effects of Particle Density on Crossflow Filtration in Filter-Feeding Fish, (Mentor: S. Laurie Sanderson, Biology)

Cabral, Diana - Repair of Peroxynitrite-damaged Tubulin by the Thioredoxin and Reductase Systems, (Mentor: Lisa Landino, Chemistry)

Dertinger, Jennifer - Study of Multidentate Ligands and their interaction with heavy metal ions., (Mentor: Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Dondeti, Krishna - Sequencing a non-pathogenic strain of Helicobacter pylori, (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Evans, Megan - Identification and characterization of a pathogenic parasite in the seep mussel Bathymodiolus heckerae, (Mentor: Cindy VanDover, Biology)

Dow, Lindsay - The Effects of Nicotine on Attentional Deficits Caused by MK-801 (Mentor: Josh Burk, Psychology)

Fisher, Katherine - Determination of the vertebrate neural phenotype in early development, (Mentor: Margaret Saha, Biology)

Giller, Carl - Polarity versus Hydrogen Bonding Effects in the Fluorescence of the Molecular Sensor in PRODAN Derivatives, (Mentor: Chris Abelt, Chemistry)

Greenblatt, Ethan - Characterizing the Hydrolytic Degradation and Recombination of the Amide Bond in Acidic Carbon Dioxide Generated Environments, (Mentor: David Kranbuehl, Chemistry)

Grimm, Eleanor - The Role of Second Messengers in CGRP-Dependent Activation of Hypothalamic Thermoregualtory Neurons, (Mentor: John Griffin, Biology)

Hack, Laura - The Effects of Leptin on Thermosensitive and Temperature Insensitive Cells In the Hypothalamus, (Mentor: John Griffin, Biology)

Happel, Maria - Potassium Ion Affinities of Amino Acids using Cooks Kinetic Method, (Mentor: John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Hastings, Courtney - The Role of Electronic Effects in Aromatic Stacking Interactions, (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Hosen, Jacob - Isomerization Kinetics of the Conjugated Polymer MPA-10-PPV through Single Molecule Fluorimetry, (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Kondrad, Robyn - Effects of Lesions to the Hippocampus and the Prefrontal Cortex on a Serial Reversal Attention Task, (Mentor: Joshua Burk, Psychology)

Lynch, Jennifer - Development of "Optoporation" Using Xenopus A6 Kidney Cells, (Mentor: Eric Bradley, Biology)

Muir, Christopher - Chill-coma Recovery of Larval and Adult Drosophila subobscura, (Mentor: George Gilchrist, Biology)

Reese, David - Biomimetic Copper Catalysts for Multicopper Enzymes, (Mentor: Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Roskowski, Jennifer - Fundamental Studies of Entropy Effects in the Extended Kinetic Method, (Mentor: John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Schulz, Meghan - Radiation Shielding Capabilities of Polyarlene Ether and Polyimide Materials, (Mentor: Robert Orwoll, Chemistry)

Shea, Meghan - Trace and Long Delay Conditioning: Effects of a Cholinergic Agonist on Learning, (Mentor: Pamela Hunt, Psychology (Neuroscience))

Terry, Courtney - Comparative Genomics of cag-PAI Postitive and cag-PAI Negative Helicobacter pylori Isolates: Identification of Novel Markers for cag-PAI Positive strains, (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Tenny, Kelly - Synaptic Adaptations to Chronic Overload in Aged and Young Muscle, (Mentor: Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology)

Weston, Michael - A Possible Role for Leptin in Reproductive Inhibition, (Mentor: Eric Bradley, Biology)

Wiseman, Heather - The uptake of pollutants in lichens from road exhaust in the College Woods, (Mentor: Martha Case, Biology)

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Alston, Jane – Modification of Tubulin Cysteines by Nitric Oxide (Mentor: Lisa Landino, Chemistry)

Cella, Julie – Gamma Ray Imaging Detector for Small Animals (Mentor: Robert Welsh, Physics)

Collopy, Krista – The Study of the Electronic Effects on the Aromatic Stacking Interactions of Indole and its Derivatives (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbon, Chemistry)

Cox, Elizabeth – Characterization of X1-Flk, X1-Fli and X-msr in the Developing Vasculature of Xenopus laevis (Mentor: Margaret Saha, Biology)

Culyba, Elizabeth – The Mechanism of Action of Plasticizing Thiols (Mentor: William Starnes, Chemistry)

Deegan, Erin – Responses of Temperature Sensitive Neurons in the Preoptic Area of the Hypothalamus to Melatonin in Peromyscus leucopus (Mentor: John Griffin, Biology)

Gallo, Laura – Isolation and Analysis of Meiotic Chromosome Segregation Mutants in C. Elegans (Mentor: Diane Shakes, Biology)

Gauger, Erich – Kinetics of Thyroid Receptor Hormone Nuclear Import (Mentor: Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Goodwin, Andrew – Phase Variation in the Helicobacter pylori Contingeny Gene sabA (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Hartman, Evan – Induction of Photoperiodic Responses in Laboratory Rats by Moderate Feeding Restriction (Mentor: Paul Heideman, Biology)

Hoyt, Mirth – Single Molecule Spectroscopy of a Protein/DNA Interaction (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbon, Chemistry)

King, Andrew – An Investigation of the Intanticidal Behavior in the Horned Passalid Beetle Odontotoenius dijunctus (Mentor: Norman Fashing, Biology)

Kondrad, Robyn – The Effects of repeated Amphetamine Treatment and the Role of Cortical Ach in Sustained Attention (Mentor: Joshua Burk, Psychology)

Lewis, Steven – Construction of a Single Molecule Fluoresence Resonance Spectroscopy Instrument (Mentor: Elizabeth Harbon, Chemistry)

Lyle, Scott – Hydrolysis of Polyamide-11 (Mentor: David Kranbuehl, Chemistry)

Markowsky, Allison – Analysis of Gene Regulation by the Two-Component Signal Transduction System HP1364 in Helicobacter pylori (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Mills, Anne – A Histological Study of the Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Polychaete Amphisamytha galapagensis (Mentor: Cindy VanDover, Biology)

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