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Congratulations to
HHMI Summer Research Fellowship Awardees
2007 - 2010

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Apple, Stephanie.  Radioimmunoassay (RIA) measurement of corticosterone and testosterone in mercury contaminated birds. (Eric Bradley, Biology)

Arrington, Justine.  Gas-phase H/D Exchange of Protein and Non-protein Amino Acids and Small Peptides. (John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Broome, Taylor.  A Computational Model of Axonal Loss in Multiple Sclerosis. (Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

Brown, Rachel.  Exploration of Meristem Regulation Genes in Arabidopsis Thaliana. (Eric Engstrom, Biology)

Chalphin, Alex.  The Functional Characterization of GlyT2 and GAD67 Transcriptional Regulation. (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Dombrosky, Evan.  Nuclear Export of Thyroid Hormone Receptors a and ß. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Donaher, Megan.  Defining SUMO-interacting motifs (SIMs) of the budding yeast SUMO protease Ulp1. (Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

Easterling, Katy.  Stop signal reaction time task performance in rats: role of cholinergic and orexigenic systems. (Josh Burk, Psychology)

Feresten, Matt.  Influence of forest fragmentation and exotic plant invasion on the distribution of ticks and Borrelia burgdorferi.. (Matthias Leu, Biology)

Fry, Jake.  Germline Sex Determination in Drosophila. (Matthew Wawersik, Biology)

Goodreau, Adam.  Exploring the Molecular Identity of Calcium-Activated Nonspecific Cationic Current in Mammalian PreBöTC Neurons: A Role for TRP Channels.. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Hardcastle, Kiah.  Computational Modeling of Basal Ganglia/Thalamus Interactions in Connection to Memory and Impulsivity. (Gregory Smith, Applied Science)

Harvey, Sam.  The role of the CrdRS two component signal transduction system in transcriptional regulation within Helicobacter pylori strains 26695 and J99. (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Hoover, Ashley.  Investigation of analytical efficacy of microelectromechanical systems innovations in micro-preconcentrator development for gas chromatography instrumentation. (Gary Rice, Chemistry)

Jackson, Arrykka.  Two component signal transduction system pathways in Helicobacter pylori: CrdRS. (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Kuhn, Nicole.  A Biochemical Systems Theory Approach to Understanding the Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis. (Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

Lambert, Frederick.  Bi(OTf)3-Mediated, One-Pot, Epoxide Rearrangement, Intramolecular Silyl-Modified Sakurai (ISMS) Sequence Toward Dihydropyrans . (Robert Hinkle, Chemistry)

Lopez, Nick.  Synthesis of the D-ring for a Fluorescent Cholesterol Model.. (Christopher Abelt, Chemistry)

Mayer, Kendall.  In biology- Quantitation of GABA in early stages of Xenopus leavis; In chemistry- Peptide bond in amino acids. (David Kranbuehl, Chemistry)

McDonough, Molly.  The effect of Notch signaling on voltage-gated calcium channel alpha1 subunit gene expression in Xenopus . (Margaret Saha, Biology)

McLane, Ginny.  Thermoregulatory Connections with the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus. (John Griffin, Neuroscience)

Morris, Erin.   Imino Diels-Alder Cycloaddition with Chiral Bicyclic Diketopiperazine Dieneophiles. (Jonathan Scheerer, Chemistry)

Nenninger, Katherine.  Exploration of Diels-Alder cycloadditions with chiral pyrazinones: Synthesis of ent-malbrancheamide B. (Jonathan Scheerer, Chemistry)

Ng-Sui-Hing, Albert.  Development of ROI Selection Script for Whole Cell Retinal Imaging. (Eric Bradley, Biology)

Roberts, Courtney.  Substituent Effects on pH-responsiveness of Rhodamine Spiroamide Dyes. (Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Schwab, Daniel.  The Effect of Maternal Quality on Egg Deposition in the Mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta. (Jonathan Allen, Biology)

Stephenson, Kate.  Modeling Toxic Metal Ion Exchange. (Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Tyson, Chris.  Influence of anthropogenic disturbance on exotic plant invasion in coastal deciduous forests. (Matthias Leu, Biology)

White, Connor.  Testing the effectiveness of clustering as an oviposition strategy in the intertidal snail Nucella lapillus. (Jonathan Allen, Biology)

Yannello, Vincent.  Proton Affinity of Lysine Homologue-Containing Dipeptides from the Kinetic Method. (John Poutsma, Chemistry)

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Arnold, Thomas.  Investigation into TRPM4b or TRPM5 ion channels giving rise to I_CAN, and exploring if and how Ca2+ in the somato-dendritic membrane evokes I_CAN.. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Challener, Doug.  The Proline Effect on Doubly Charged Peptide Fragmentation. (J.C. Poutsma, Chemistry)

Dubovoy, Ilya.  Characterizing Hg-carrier and protein exchange through multidentate ligand and thiolate complex analysis. (Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Garafalo, Alex.  In vitro and in vivo imaging of breast cancer models using novel gamma imager. (Eric Bradley, Biology/Applied Science )

Goodreau, Adam.  Exploring Mammalian Respiratory Rhythm: An Investigation of TRPM4 & TRPM5 Ion Channels and Their Role in Respiration. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Guevel, Katie.  SNP Mapping and RNAi Screen to Identify Candidate Genes for the C. elegans Mutant ax941. (Diane Shakes, Biology)

Horst, Kyle.  Effects of cdc37 knockdown on eNOS activity and vascular function in human aortic endothelial cell cultures and isolated vessels. (M. Brennan Harris, Kinesiology)

Jump, McKenzie.  Mathematical modeling of ryanodine receptor luminal regulation and calcium oscillations in permeabilized cardiac myocytes. (Greg Smith, Applied Science)

Kaeser, Gwen.  Early Embryonic Role of GABA and Glutamate Expression and its Effect on Neurotransmitter Specification in Developing Neurons . (Margret Saha, Biology)

Kline, Bryan.  The Effect of Adolescent Nicotine on Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex-dependent Renewal. (Robert Barnet, Psychology)

Matson, Brooke.  Septins as Potential Substrates for the Hex3-Slx8 Complex in Budding Yeast. (Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

McClendon, Sarah.  An application of biochemical systems theory to metabolic pathway models of Huntington’s disease. (Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

Miller, Lauren.  Characterization of Alpha1 Calcium Channel Subunits in the Developing Nervous System. (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Moran, Sean.  Dinosaurian Body versus Trace Fossil Diversity during the Mesozoic Era. (Rowan Lockwood, Geology)

Munyikwa, Michelle.  The role of the pseudophosphatase MK-STYX in stress granule assembly and disassembly. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Presler, Marc.  Characterization of the spe-18 mutation in Caenorhabditis elegans. (Diane Shakes, Biology)

Stanton, Jeff.  Changes in Localization Caused by Interaction between Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha and its Domain Constructs. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Stephenson, Kate.  Modeling Toxic Metal Ion Exchange . (Deborah Bebout, Chemistry)

Wilson, Stephanie.  The effects of raccoon (Procyon lotor) predation on the population structures of female diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) nesting on the Goodwin Islands. . (Randy Chambers, Biology)

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Brush, Benjamin.  The physiology of Ca2+-activated nonspecific cationic current (ICAN) in the dendrites of respiratory neurons in the mammalian preBötzinger Complex (preBötC). (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Cook, Caitlin.  Hex3 ChIP: DNA Break Specific Association of a SUMO Targeted Ubiquitin Ligase. (Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

Davis, Kristin.  Use of a Contraselection Method to Place Histidine Kinase Mutations on the Helicobacter pylori Chromosome without Residual Antibiotic Resistance. . (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Garafalo, Alexandra.  Expression of NIS and Amphiregulin in Myc-83 Breast Cancer Cell Lines. (Eric Bradley, Biology)

Glass, Emily.  Potential of Pre-habilitative Exercise to Attenuate Deleterious Adaptations to Muscle Unloading. (Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology)

Hallinger, Kelly.  Lifetime Fitness of Tree Swallows Exposed to Aquatic Mercury. (Daniel Cristol, Biology)

Harman, Alice.  Alternative Splicing in the Trout Pax-5 Exon 9. (Patty Zwollo, Biology)

Hu, Yangchun.  Characterization of Phenotypes of Triple Loss of Function HAM Orthologs in Arabidopsis. (Eric Engstrom, Biology)

Krey, Rebecca.  Neural Control of Breathing in Mammals: the role of the Na/K ATPase Pump in inspiratory burst termination. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Lowdon, Rebecca.  Neurotransmitter Phenotype Determination in the Developing Xenopus Retina. (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Mangini, David.  Effects of M2 Receptor Blockade on Attentional Performance in Young Rats. (Joshua Burk, Psychology)

Midland, Andrew.  The Synthesis of the Anti-Osteoporosis Candidate, Diospongin, Using Bismuth (III) Catalysts. (Robert Hinkle, Chemistry)

Miller, Lauren.  Characterization of Calcium Channel Subunits in Developing Xenopus laevis. (Margaret Saha, Biology )

Mott, Katrina.  Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay Analysis of the tXbp-1 Antibody. (Patty Zwollo, Biology)

Munyikwa, Michelle.  Targeting of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Variants to Aggresomes. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Northam, Weston.  Molecular Identification of Prey in Mercury-Contaminated Spiders by PCR. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Sapiurka, Maya.  cAMP Mediated Responses of PGE2 in the Ventromedial Preoptic Area of the Hypothalamus. (John Griffin, Biology)

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Bernier, Matthew.  Fragmentation of Arginine and Canavanine-Containing Peptides. (John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Bowman, Kathryn.  Identification of Thermoregulatory Excitatory Neurons Projecting from the Anterior Hypothalamus to the Dorsomedial Hypothalamus. (John Griffin, Biology)

Brewster, Timothy.  Photoluminescent Organometallic Films. (Robert Pike, Chemistry)

Brunner, Abigail .  Localization of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Variants to Aggresomes. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Brush, Benjamin.  Neural mechanisms of breathing studied in vitro. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Science)

Burgess, Katelyn.  Genetic variation within the HP0165/HP0166 two-component signal transduction system of Helicobacter pylori. (Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Davis, Kristin.  Use of a Contraselection Method to Place Histidine Kinase Mutations on the Helicobacter pylori Chromosome without Residual Antibiotic Resistance. (Mark Forsyth, Biology )

Elias, Gustavo.  Localization of TRalpha in Neuronal vs. Non-Neuronal Cell Lines. (Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Fernandez, Gina.  Temporal Specificity in Backwards Conditioning: Can it be strengthened?. (Robert Barnet, Psychology)

Fox, Benjamin.  Molecular Oncology of a Sumoylated DNA Repair Protein: Rad52 and the Hex3/Slx8 ubiquitin ligase. (Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

Hallinger, Kelly.  Does Mercury Contamination Affect Bird Song?. (Daniel Cristol, Biology)

Krey, Rebecca.  Understanding the Neurological Control of Respiratory Rhythm in Mammals. (Christopher Del Negro, Applied Sciences)

Lassiter, Randi .  Sex Steroid Negative Feedback on Photoresponsiveness and GnRH neurons in Female White-Footed Mice. (Paul Heideman, Biology)

Mahoney, Tara.  The Role of Kisspeptin and GnRH in the Reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus. (Paul Heideman, Biology)

McConchie, Heather.  DNA Damage Distress: Novel Role for a Sumoylated Repair Protein. (Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

Roby, Mackenzie.  The Effect of Aging on Exercise-Induced Plasticity of the NMJ. (Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology)

Saar, Brooklynd.  The Investigation of the Mechanisms of “Selective Cleavages” in Peptide Dissociation. (John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Sass, Matthew.  Understanding the Mechanisms of Ubiquitin Proteasome System Dysfunction in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease through Computational Biochemical Modeling. (Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

Schworer, Stephen.  Expression of Sodium Iodide Symporter In MMTV-Infected mus musculus. (Eric Bradley, Biology)

Streer, Mark.  COX3: A Potential Player in Febrile Noradrenergic PGE2 Modulation in the POA/AH. (John Griffin, Biology (Neuroscience))

Teasley, Daniel.  Transcriptional regulation of GABAergic neuron specification. (Margaret Saha, Biology)

Wolfert, Madeline.  Mechanisms of Dilation in Response to Shear Stress in Intact Murine Carotid Arteries. (Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology)

Wurster, Victoria.  An investigation of Huntington’s disease metabolic pathway sensitivities through computer simulation. (Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

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