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Congratulations to
HHMI Summer Research Fellowship Awardees
2011 - 2014

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Barr, Justinn – MK-STYX and Stress Granule Disassembly (Mentor: Dr. Shanta Hinton, Biology)

Bouland, Andrew – The Effect of Mercury Exposure on Avian Nestling Sex Ratios (Mentor: Dr. Daniel Cristol, Biology)

Chinn, Alex – [4+2] Diels-Alder Cycloadditions with Imine Dienophiles (Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Scheerer, Chemistry)

Cooper, Vivian – Regulon confirmation of the CrdRS Two-Component Signal Transduction System in Helicobacter pylori strain 26695 (Mentor: Dr. Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Czaplyski, Will – The pH Responsiveness of Rhodamine Dye Derivatives (Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry)

Eclipse, Ariel – P7 as an anti-virulence gene in Helicobacter pylori (Mentor: Dr. Mark Forsyth, Biology)

Feigert, Caroline – Nuclear Export of Thyroid Hormone Receptor a and ß (Mentor: Dr. Lizabeth Allison, Biology)

Feresten, Matt – Influence of forest fragmentation and exotic plant invasion on the distribution of ticks and Borrelia bacteria (Mentor: Dr. Matthias Leu, Biology)

Foegeding, Nora – SUMO-dependent Ubiquitylation of Siz1 by Slx5/Slx8 as a Potential Nuclear Export Signal (Mentor: Dr. Oliver Kerscher, Biology)

Giovanetti, Simone – Life Hisotry Trade-offs Betwen Growth and Reprodution in Wild Yeast (Mentor: Dr. Helen Murphy, Biology)

Kim, Sarah – Ionic conductances mediating the activity of hypothalamic thermoregulatory neurons in response to activation of noradrenergic pathways (Mentor: Dr. John Griffin, Biology)

Lee, Se-Jun – combinatorial contributions of neuroendocrine variables and food intake to male fertility (Mentor: Dr. Paul Heideman, Biology)

McCullough, Shannon – Copper (I) Iodide and Copper (I) Bromide Complexes of Diamine Aliphatic Ligands (Mentor: Dr. Robert Pike, Chemistry)

McDonough, Molly – The role of the notch signaling pathway in neurotransmitter phenotype specification in Xenopus laevis (Mentor: Dr. Margaret Saha, Biology)

Muetterties, Corbin – Kinetic Method Determinations of The Acid/Base Properties of Tripeptides (Mentor: Dr. John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Platner, Charlotte – Peptide Fragmentation in Tripeptides Containing Lysine Homologs (Mentor: Dr. John Poutsma, Chemistry)

Rabe, Brian – The functional characterization of GABA receptors in the developing Xenopus nervous system (Mentor: Dr. Margaret Saha, Biology)

Rehain, Kathryn – Cell Level Mechanism Causing Production of Non-Mendelian Sex Ratios by Rhabditis SB347 Hermaphrodites (Mentor: Dr. Diane Shakes, Biology)

Schwab, Daniel – Maternal size effects on reproduction and larval development in the mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta (Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Allen, Biology)

Solano, Sarah – Effects of Acute and Chronic Nicotine Abuse on Impulse Control (Mentor: Dr. Joshua Burk, Psychology)

Traub, Laura – A Computational Model of Calcium Involvement in Multiple Sclerosis (Mentor: Dr. Randolph Coleman, Chemistry)

Watson, Kelly – Modeling Biodiversity in the Choco Forest (Mentor: Dr. Matthias Leu, Biology)

Wicks, Nora – Avian Community Response to the Human Footprint in Upland and Riparian Habitats (Mentor: Dr. Matthias Leu, Biology)

Wright, Kaylor – Studies on Possible Correlations Between Low-dose Mercury Exposure and Zebra Finch Behavior, Testis Development, and Plasma Testosterone Concentration (Mentor: Dr. Eric Bradley, Biology)

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