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We approach the assessment of the Program in the spirit of the entire initiative: as an opportunity to blend research and education; to integrate the different components of the program in a broad interdisciplinary approach; to emphasize science as a way of knowing; and to use assessment itself as a learning tool. Designed to provide a means of periodic evaluation and improvement of the program, our program assessment will be based on multiple research methods and will provide for use of student workers in a learning environment. The assessment is coordinated by the College's Office of Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness. For more information regarding assessment of William & Mary's HHMI grant, visit "HHMI Science Education Grant" on the Office of Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness site. Details of our interactive, online database, a tool that facilitates continuous data collection, assessment and long-term tracking, is provided on the Office of Institutional Accreditation & Effectivenes site.


Below are logic models employed for planning and assessment:

Logic Models for 2014 Proposal


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