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The Wren Scholars Program

The Wren Scholars Program is designed to build a strong cohort of students who meet regularly as a group for workshops and discussions on academic resources and various STEM-related topics, and who will participate in one or more of the following four initiatives.

1. In order to prepare for the rigor and demands of their introductory science courses, scholars can take a course during a Pre-Freshmen Transition Program in the summer prior to matriculation, the PLUS-S (Preparing for Life as an Undergraduate Science Student program.

2. Participating students will also have the opportunity to take research-based freshman lab (the Phage Lab) in place of the standard introductory biology lab; this will introduce them to the excitement of research and foster ongoing mentoring relationships with faculty members.

3. A Summer Research Fellowship Program for rising sophomores and juniors will allow students to continue mentored research in faculty laboratories; in addition this summer program will entail participation in workshops on quantitative and computational skills in life science research.

4. Finally, a Summer Chemistry Scholarship Program will allow Wren Scholars to take introductory chemistry following their freshman year.  

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