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Application for Summer STEM Course Scholarship

Life science majors often find that delaying chemistry until completion of their freshmen year is academically beneficial. Wren Scholars will be eligible to receive a scholarship to take one or both semesters of first year chemistry (General Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I) at the College of William and Mary during the summer following their freshman year. Tuition and free on-campus housing will be provided. Taking chemistry during the summer allows students todevote focused effort to these classes and to benefit from smaller class sizes and more personal attention. If funding is available and if it is particularly helpful to their academic plan, Wren Scholars may also apply to take a different STEM class offered during the summer at William and Mary. The application process for this program will be announced in March of each year with the applications due in early April.

Applicants should submit an electronic application by 5 pm on the date stated on the HHMI Application Deadline schedule.